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Promoting Student Engagement Online Learning Course Promoting Student Engagement PLIS[52438] is a Course

Promoting Student Engagement PLIS[52438]

Started Jan 1, 2021


Full course description

Promoting Student Engagement is a self-paced online opportunity to develop your teaching skills to better engage students in educational tasks.


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The course is designed for all educators working in public schools in Western Australia.The course content is delivered in series of 9 modules divided into 5 units using a variety of presentation techniques including videos, information sheets, a pre survey and post survey. Each module consists of viewing strategies, learning opportunities, and exemplars of instructional practice.


The units are:

Unit 1: Student Engagement in WA. Two modules - Research and Theory and Explicit Teaching

Unit 2: Intentional Interaction. Two modules -Safety and Accountability and Questioning and Responding  

Unit 3: Collaborative Classrooms. Two modules -Stages of Group Development and Elements of Cooperation

Unit 4: Success for Students. Two modules - Graphic Organisers and Concept Attainment

Unit 5: One module - Lesson Design.


Opportunities for you to apply and reflect on your practice are embedded in the course through quizzes and a reflective template. Completion will be recorded via PLIS to your HRMIS record. Modules are self-paced; completing one module per week would take approximately one term to complete. Working with colleagues from your school is encouraged and may provide you with opportunities to jointly reflect on teaching practice. Professional learning team models or existing collaborative groups may be considered for this purpose. Additional information and support can be sought through the SSEN:BE Program Coordinators. To enrol in the course, click on the REGISTER ON PLIS button above. 


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